Capitalism's Genius Perverted by Subprime Madness: John Helyar
Bloomberg - USA
They issued subprime mortgages, whose adjustable-rate terms and other gimmicks kept initial payments low. The boom market for housing meant defaults were ...
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Perth Office Space Market, World's Tightest, Hit by Subprime
Bloomberg - USA
... may see projects that would alleviate the West Australian state capital's commercial real estate shortage derailed by the subprime crisis. ...
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China Daily

Re-examine US role in time of financial woes
China Daily - China
By Zhou Shijian (China Daily) Besides being disastrous for the US, the US subprime mortgage crisis has also adversely affected China's economy. ...
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First Tennessee’s Swafford speaks to Memphis CCIM about subprime ... - Charlotte,NC,USA
This residential growth led to banks taking chances on subprime loans. In 2004-2006, 21% of mortgages were of the subprime variety, according to Swafford. ...
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AIG clips a hurdle and faces the water jump
The Age - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
OUR little market battled bravely yesterday to recoup half its losses by the close, but New York is where the action is, and it's a sub-subprime ...
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Subprime crisis lawsuits hit unprecedented levels
Insurance Daily - Nairn,UK
by David Masters America’s subprime mortgage crisis has reached an unprecedented level according to a report released this week. ...
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America's dark secret - Cape Town,South Africa
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, principal players in America’s ‘subprime crisis’, were created by the US government as government enterprises, ...
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Comment on Epsilon Away from Wipeout by The Subprime Primer ...
By The Subprime Primer — eightandfive Archive
Here’sa helpful and depressing tutorial on the current financial crapstorm, in cartoon form. I’m having a hard time figuring out who did the video, but it was linked to on Cosmic Variance. [...]
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subprime crisis - IƱaki Gabilondo dice en CUATRO que el ...
By Subodh Tyagi(Subodh Tyagi)
US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says that, despite the economic downturn, skyrocketing fuel prices, and the subprime mortgage crisis which is devastating Wall Streets most venerable businesses, . ...
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Obama’s Sub-Prime Buddies! Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, & More
By Mountain Sage
In Obama’s speeches across the country he has repeatedly criticized the Bush administration for allowing “evil” subprime mortgage lenders and investment banks to lead this county into our current mortgage meltdown. ...
Mountain Sage -

The Subprime Solution
By Robin Varghese
The subprime crisis is the name for what is a historic turning point in our economy and our culture. It is, at its core, the result of a speculative bubble in the housing market that began to burst in the United States in 2006 and has ...
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McCain’s Economic Advisor and the Sub-Prime Meltdown: Who’s ...
By Jane Hamsher
Credit default swaps are basically insurance policies that cover the losses on investments, and they have been at the heart of the subprime meltdown because they have enabled large financial institutions to turn risky loans into risky ...
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