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Cengage Learning lease is a lift for Channel Center - Charlotte,NC,USA
Real estate sources said the Southport, Conn., developer reportedly has a 120000-square-foot lease deal with Cengage Learning, a developer of educational ...
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Questions About Biden's Real Estate
ABC News - USA
Biden is one of the least wealthy members of Congress, but he enjoys a splendid home because of real estate deals with political supporters. ...
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Real estate calendar
Seattle Times - United States
11 Condominiums: Buying & Selling — an educational real-estate class (five hours). The class will compare condos, co-ops and town homes, including financial ...
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Half of HNIs looking to increase real estate exposure
Sify - Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India
Experts say these investments may go into real estate funds, stocks of companies that deal in property, as well as directly in land. ...
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Feds charge ex-cop, appraiser in real estate fraud case - Detroit,MI,USA
DETROIT -- A former Detroit police officer and a city appraiser are among three defendants named in a $2.1 million mortgage fraud and real estate "flipping" ...
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9/7/2008 Open Houses in Quincy This Weekend
By mmahoneyboston
Keller Williams Real Estate The NorthCompass Group | Guiding You Home There are plenty of open houses in Quincy tomorrow. There are 45 single family homes hosting open houses. There are currently 211 single family ...
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Young Real Estate Leaders Unite
By Doug Devitre
Calling all up and coming real estate leaders! This is not a MySpace page, it is not a Facebook group, this is a place... Visit for live classes, webinars, and consulting for real estate technology.
Doug Devitre Delivers! -

One Sure Way to Know when Real Estate Market Hits Bottom
By irina.netchaev
In this post, Pasadena California Real Estate blog will reveal the secret and answer the question that every real estate home buyer has been asking recently. How do I know when the Pasadena real estate market hits bottom? ...
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Real estate websites - the fundamentals of design, form and function
By Alistair Helm
In the past I have highlighted the appeal of the Real Estate Guys podcast, but today’s podcast is from a team called Intuitive Websites this podcast series focuses on online marketing, providing tips and trends of specialised web site ...
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Private sector real estate activity booming in the DPRK
By NKeconWatch
Professional ‘housing trade mediators’ (real estate agents) facilitating less-than official housing transactions have emerged in North Korea, with a wide range of real estate opportunities popping up, including not only sales but even ...
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Realty Rider said...

The dream of having one’s own roof over one’s head is a universal one. India is no different. Almost all of us – including me – have a dream of owning our own houses. But in the present real estate boom coupled with inflation, how many among us are actually making our dream come true? In my last blog, there were a few comments on how the rich are getting richer and the common man is left out of this phenomenal real estate growth of the country.On a recently conducted online survey carried out by a property site, it was revealed that more than half of those surveyed are looking for a 2-bedroom home within 5-10 lakhs. It will be logical to say this largely reflects the dreams and aspirations of the common man – you, me and other people like us including the service class, businessmen, lawyers, professors, house wives and young professionals.However, going by the present trend, the Rs 5-10 lakh bracket of affordable houses are confined to the extreme suburbs or peripheries of large and small cities. Majority of the sample in the survey are from metros, where a 2 bedroom house is at least three to five times more than the affordable range! Tier II and Tier III cities too are fast catching up – making it even more difficult for the common man.It was on news that the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation has commissioned the Reserve Bank of India team to find out more about affordable housing. I sincerely hope that they realize the folly of skewed growth and make the necessary correction.For more view-