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With a slew of expressways and improved social infrastructure, Ghaziabad has been named the sixth most dynamic city in the world by a survey.This is not my statement but Times of India (30th Aug 2008) says. Read Full article by A K Tiwary -
According to a recent survey based on real estate boom and up coming projects in IT and other institutional hubs, hot city Ghaziabad has becomes the sixth most dynamic city of the world. Keeping this in view, Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) is planning to link the hot city to NCR’s major transportation networks. Under this scheme, all the proposed expressways like Meerut Expressway, Eastern Peripheral Expressway, Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, Taj Expressway, Upper Ganga Expressway, Dadri-Hapur Expressway, Dedicated Rail Freight Corridor and Ganga Expressway will be interlinked through National Highways and flyovers. According to S K Dwivedi, vice-chairman of GDA: “To free the often choked and bumper-to-bumper traffic, we have put improvement of major transportation networks on priority. For city infrastructure, we have major proposals like improved linkage with Delhi through IRBT and Metro Rail, flyover interchanges and grade separators, hi-tech parkings to reduce congestion on roads, new roads and strengthening of existing roads.”
“Under this major proposal three new bridges will be built on Hindon in 200 mts range at a cost of around Rs 24 crore (8 crore each). And for strengthening of important roads like Hapur Crossing, Meerut Crossing, 8-km Bandha road (under construction), a number of flyovers will be built in the area, over a radius of 77.70 km at an estimated cost of around Rs 308.43 crore. Some are already operational, while others will become operational by 2009. Widening of NH-24 and NH-58 is in the pipeline and expected to be completed by 2010,” he added.
GDA is planning a 2.5-km-long link road originating from NH-24 (ABES Engineering College) via Crossing City, which will connect to Greater Noida expressway and stretch up to Taj Expressway further down. For this, land acquisition process is in progress. GDA and Greater Noida Authority board have already approved this project. The fourlane link road will cost around Rs 12 crore which will be shared equally by both the bodies.
Earlier, the much-awaited project was delayed due to Akbarpur-Behrampur Abadi resident’s resistance. Now the villagers have agreed to be rehabilitated elsewhere. The main advantage of this link road is the time saving it entails. Once the project is completed, distance between Ghazibad and Greater Noida will be 17-18 km and will hardly take 40-45 minutes to travel through, either way.
In addition, 46-km-long elevated roads will be constructed at major traffic points like MMX Multiplex, Dabur Crossing, Lal Kuan, UP Gate, Knowledge Park and Dasna Crossing at a cost of Rs 1,840 crore.
Seven automatic multi-level parking lots with a capacity of 2,900 vehicles will be built at Shahibad Metro Station, Old Bus Stand, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Ram Lila Maidan, Ghaziabad Railway Station, Vaishali and Kaushambi Metro Station at a total cost of around Rs 1450 crore. There is also a plan for decentralization of Transport Nagars and Bus Stands to ease the pressure of heavy traffic on arterial roads. On the request of ex-skipper of Indian cricket team Manoj Prabhakar and cricketer Suresh Raina, GDA is planning to build a stadium on 100 acres of land, conforming to international standards.
To invite the IT companies and professional institutes, an IT Park spread over 300 acre and a Knowledge Park on 400 acre will also be built. With over 18 lakh in population, Ghaziabad is emerging as a popular destination for middle class urbanities. New Ghaziabad comprising localities like Indirapuram, Vaishali, Kausambi and Vasundhara are developing fast.
S K Dwivedi says that the forthcoming 2010 Commonwealth Games bring a lot of hope for increased pace in development. Undoubtedly developmental work is not going to make the traffic free of congestion in main Ghaziabad. Most of the development is taking place in new Ghaziabad. Proper development and improved infrastructure is a big task. The up coming Metro project will give a new look to Ghaziabad. And, the Hindon flyover is now ready for public use. To keep tabs on the commuting system, the traffic police have mooted setting up of a special task force. Rakesh Yadav of Antriksh Builders says the city boasts not only of close proximity to Delhi but also a shared public transportation system with the capital, good educational institutions, shopping outlets and other facilities.
GDA has been able to liquidate all its debts and it now proposes to invest in development. However, there are some loose ends to be tied up - like electricity. Power shortage not only plagues residents but also the industrial units in the city. GDA has asked UPPCL to install more power stations to stabilize the fluctuating power system. The district administration is also addressing the malaise of ‘inspector raj’, which is acting as deterrent for Ghaziabad’s rapid growth.
The lack of infrastructure thus far was owing to the fact that GDA was reeling under huge debts for years. Although it has recently been able to liquidate all the debts, it will still take 2-3 years for the situation on the ground to improve. A few projects on the threshold of being commissioned aim at supplying 24-hours power supply and 200 cusecs of water directly from the Ganga to the trans Hindon area.
Law and order is also witnessing a remarkable improvement by the day. The city is slated to have multiple projects like a number of shopping malls, multiplexes, residential and commercial development, says Deepak Agarwal, district magistrate of Ghaziabad. While the Metro is almost at Ghaziabad’s doorsteps, construction of the Anand Vihar Bus Terminal is making headway. Like Noida and Greater Noida Development Authorities, GDA’s proposal of an express-highway linking Meerut Crossing to NH-24 will create integrated flyovers at all level crossings. The Northern Railway project (Integrated Railway-Bus Transport system) will make commuting between Ghaziabad and Delhi very easy.
Ghaziabad has a number of residential, institutional, commercial and industrial options. GDA offers land for private builders to undertake construction. Colonies like Raj Nagar, Kavi Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Nehru Nagar, Ganga Enclave and others provide a lot of housing options.

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